Linear Gradient on Line Stroke

I'm attempting to use a linear gradient on a line, so I need to set the stroke to a linear gradient. This works fine on horizontal lines, but any vertical lines, I can set the gradient, but the line only takes the color of the first/left color of the gradient, but nothing else.

Does anyone know any tricks? I've tried using the gradient tool to try to adjust it, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything either (it will let me "rotate" the gradient about 45 degrees, but that's it, and still only the first color is visible). I also tried rotating a horizontal line with a gradient to be vertical, and the same problem exists. The gradient doesn't seem to rotate with the line.


I made one horizontal line with the gradient, then rotated the line. Seems to work for me.


Well, I've narrowed down the issue.

I went to a blank window, and if I create the horizontal line with a gradient, then try rotating it using the toolbar to rotate 90 degrees left or right, it instantly goes to a solid color with no way of getting the gradient back.

If I start rotating without holding Ctrl, it rotates fine, then I can hold Ctrl to get it to snap to the vertical 90 degree angle I want, but if I start by holding Ctrl, it immediately goes to a solid color.

And some other times, it will rotate fine with the gradient and as soon as I hold Ctrl to get it to snap, it goes solid, but this seems to happen typically when the line intersects with another line during the rotation of the line.

I did manage to create the line on a blank page as I wanted, then copy/paste it to the other window and it worked fine. If you can recreate it, I'll work with support to open a bug ticket.

Here's a video of what I'm seeing: