Linear Indicator at Ignition 8

I’m looking for a solution for the linear scale to make the indicators dynamics and I went through the help and some of the post’s also the IU videos but I’m still having a questions about it and it is, where is the property “Indicators” at linear scale properties?

Please a Little hand with this

You don’t see the property because your property list is filtered to “basic” properties.
Hit the little funnel icon to select “all properties” and you will see it.

Oh I see it now thank you!

This is one of those things that always trips up newcomers, and baffles old timers as to why it’s even an option. I’m not sure why anyone would ever want to filter out properties in any situation

I think it’s nice when you are done with a project and are editing displays. If you put it to basic, then you only see binded properties and text labels, which is normally what end customers would like to change

I just lost the morning trying to figure out it, would be helpful if at least on the help resources it’s mentioned as a comment. I don’t even new we had that filter.