Linear Scale Tick Marks Show 0

I have a Linear Scale that I want to go from 0 to 0.2. My major tick span is 0.05 and my minor tick span is 0.01.

Here is what I get:

Why are my major tick marks a 0? Can they not display a decimal number? I don’t see anywhere to format that in the properties.


Try changing Label Format property to


The “2” will give you two decimal places; adjust as desired.

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Thanks! As you can probably tell I’m new to Ignition. Great program but it’s going to take me a while to understand all the component properties.

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You’re welcome. I’ve been there and am still learning. In case you’re not familiar with this yet: I keep the properties list filter set to “All” and check the tooltips over properties when I’m not sure what’s what. The tooltip on this property is what made it clear to me what to put into it to get a couple decimal places.

I like Ignition more the more I work with it. And Inductive Automation keeps improving it. Enjoy :+1:

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