LinearScale does not use the same styling in the Designer as it does in browser

When using a LinearScale. The tick labels can be coloured, if these tick labels are changed from their default (black) to white (for example), then this change is visible in the designer.

An issue arises when viewing the same LinearScale in the browser (Perspective). The colour of the labels are no longer white, they revert to their default colour.



A quick test shows that the tick labels in the browser are not actually using the 'color' CSS property, but they get their colour from the 'fill' property instead.


You can see the 'color' is white, as per the settings in the Designer, but the colour of the ticks are actually the same as the 'fill' property.

In relation, you can change this using a StyleSheet that targets the IA class, although, I know this is not recommended.

I couldn't find a bug reporting page on here, so I thought this might be the best place to notify someone, if not feel free to remove this post, and I can post it on the proper channels if you point me the right direction.


Hello Tom,

The best way to file a bug ticket is to reach out to our support team.

What version of Ignition are you using? I tested in 8.1.23 and setting the fill property on the tick labels results in the same color being used in both the designer and the browser. Also, how are you setting the color of the label? Do you have screenshots of your configuration?



This is the configuration in the designer that controls the colour of the ticks. I am using version 8.1.21 so maybe this has been fixed in later versions?

I will update and try it out, sorry.

The color of the labels should be controlled by the labels > style > fill property. The color under majorTicks should set the color of the large tick marks on the scale. Which in your screenshot appear to be the same color in the designer and the browser.


Also, since the fill is set to a variable are you potentially using different themes in the designer and browser? It looks like from your screenshot of the dev tools, the browser is using a light theme, is this also what the designer is using?


Updating to 8.1.23 seemed to fix this issue. It was clear at first in the earlier version what did what.


No worries, glad we were able to get it figured out!