Link not working

The download link for the google maps in the News Room is not working. I get Access Deny.

Please enable the link

The links work for me. Which one are you referring to? [del]The referenced file is attached.[/del] EDIT - SEE BELOW.
GoogleMapsStaticAPI.fwin (231 Bytes)

I am not able to import the window, may be file is corrupted.

You’re right, that file isn’t valid. We’re working on this…

Ok, the window is now uploaded correctly. Use this url:

Hello, I’m trying to import “GoogleMapsStaticAPI.fwin” but the extension is not recognized. I’m using Ignition 7.6.4 (b2013112117), is it possible that “*.fwin” is not compatible with this version?


Yeah, fwin = FactoryPMI window. That’s some old stuff. It could be imported into Ignition, but it would involve installing FactoryPMI, making a gateway backup, and importing that.

There’s probably an Ignition *.proj of the thing around here somewhere…