Link screens between projects

Is it possible to link screens between projects? More specifically… I have a large project that we use for all the data throughout our facility. I have a remote screen in one area that basically we created a slimmed down version containing only the screens relevant for troubleshooting in that area because we do not want the screen on the floor to have access to all areas of the main project.
Is there a way to link these screens so as I develop/ change the screens in that area I only have to do it once?

You could have them inherit those screens from a parent project.

will that work when the parent project is being used too? But i guess you could make a parent and then a main and slimmed project both inheriting from the parent… but that wont stop anyone from opening the main project app
you probably should put up some security so the other one just never gets access to all the pages tho

Security is a good idea. Inheritable projects are not able to be run, both projects would need to inherit from the parent project.

This is one of those application problems that would be trivial if IA had chosen multiple inheritance (even restricted to one level) instead of single inheritance (through multiple levels). ):