Linking a Report Parameter to an Operator Input

I have a report that is built in Perspective. It is referencing a SQL search from a database and uses a 6 digit number as its reference parameter. (I didn't create the search, we are converting from MS Access to Ignition and keeping the stored procedures)

I then created a Perspective "Report Viewer" page to view the report.

I then created an input page to allow someone to enter in the 6 digit number.

This 6 digit number needs to change the parameter on the report to then search SQL for the updated information.

I cannot for the life of me find an example that links the Operator input 6 digit number and the report so that the values change. It has to be easy but I have been stumped for too long. This multi syntax styles learning is difficult for an old dog. Please help. :slight_smile:

This is not the right use for a report.
A report is generated at high cost to the gateway CPU and rendered as a file every time you change the data. This is not something you want to be triggering with user input that many users could be triggering simultaneously.
There are a number of ways of doing this style of data display that would minimise the load on the server and the speed of response.

  • Generate the report once for each 6 digit number and store them in a database as a BLOB, then recall them to view as needed.
  • Make a page in perspective that displays the exact same data and layout as the report that is linked to the Input page you have created.

If you are completely stuck using the report viewer, you can bind a data source as input parameters then call that data source from an SQL query that is below it in the data sources area. Then when you call the report in the report viewer, you specify the input parameters.

This report is not that intensive. Only a select few people use it and the 6digit number is already generated. We are just looking for the information linked to it. For Instance.... I'm adding pictures so be sure to scroll down :slight_smile: ....

The "Lot ID" is what I am searching the SQL database for at the below SQL querys.

It generates a report... with some inforamtion...

Here is the "Report Viewer" page in Prespective...

I need to link this Input to the report property...

Should be pretty simple, just not intuitive for me...

You just need to add the parameter to the report viewer and add a binding to the numeric input, though i think having a space in the parameter name is a problem.

Have a look at the params you can specify in the report viewer.
Use an onActionPerformed event to copy the textfield contents to the report viewer params.

Really both were the solution... but I took out the space and everything fell in line. Thanks for the help... I was not too far off... spaces are killer.