Linking Ignition to iFix

I am looking for the best way to share tags between Ignition and iFix. Ideally, I would want everything to be moved to Ignition, since iFix is a hassle, but for now I am only using pieces of Ignition that are clear upgrades over the iFix equivalent. However, since I’m using both I am running into issues getting them to talk to each other. Both are connected to a ControlLogix PLC, so I can pass tag information that way, but it is slow going from iFix->PLC->Ignition and back again.

iFix has an OPC-UA server that is connected to the PLC and an OPC-DA server. Going through OPC-UA hasn’t gotten anywhere besides being able to see iFix’s OPC-UA connection to the PLC. I’ve messed around with the OPC-COM module trying to connect to iFix, and running into all the issues that occur with OPC-DA. I should be able to connect to the iFix tag database that way – but any standalone tags I create there (SIM tags) are non-retentive which is something I would like to avoid.

I suppose what I am really looking for is a way for iFix to read/write to tags stored in Ignition (since Ignition tags are retentive). I saw this topic: which appears to be related to my issue, and indicates there may have been a solution in the works, but I haven’t seen anything further.

Id concentrate on getting opc-ua to work. no reason it shouldnt.

You can check out this module, it seems to only support 7.6, so if you are on 7.7 you can maybe contact the developer to see if they are going to release a 7.7 version

marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=74