Linking Parameters Between Sepasoft and Logix PhaseManager Tags via OPC

Having an issue linking phase parameters and reports between Sepasoft and Rockwell Logix Controllers using PhaseManager. I've got a phase configured to be using PLI to let the controller handle the phase states (with phasemanager). I haven't linked up commands to it yet, but it looks like it should send the phase parameters when the phase is in running (correct me if I'm reading the sepasoft documentation wrong). I have the state feedback sent from the controller to batch to match Sepasoft's state dint enumeration. However, I'm not able to get values written down to the PLC from Batch (i've tested writing via the opc quick client and that works fine). I've tried controller scope tags, local program scope tags, and phase input tags without any success. What am I missing?

State_Transition_Handling in Batch:

Phase Parameter in Batch:

OPC Path for Phase Tag in Designer:

Looks like I have to set these up as read only. Got this working now.