Linux and Ignition 7.9.10

Hello fellow Ignitioners,

I turn to you with request related to running Ignition application on Linux. To describe my problem prescisely:

  • I have no problem running Ignition applications on Linux when the application comes from server with Ignition 7.9.4.
  • I have problem, on the very same Linux PC, running applications from Ignition 7.9.10.

The Linux was RaspberryPI with IcedTea8 and openjdk-8. I got the following screen when trying to launch that application from 7.9.10 with error java.lang.ExceptionInitializerError:

Thank you all very much in advance for any effort leading to solution,
Take care, stay healthy.

How are you trying to launch it? I used the native client launcher on the Raspis

Do you have the web browser module installed? The library version bumped between those two Ignition versions, and it’s no longer supported on some ARM architectures. Try uninstalling the module, or downgrading to the 7.9.3 version.

Hello JordanCClarck,

although I have played with this last week, I certainly remember trying out also native launcher (the window where you enther gateway address and you have to connect prior to launch any project). The behavior was identical.

Thanks for the effort, though.

Hello PGriffith,

Both gateways do have web browser installed indeed, but launching it on version 7.9.4. works (despite Web Browser module present) and on 7.9.10. does not work.

I am not sure I fully understand what you mean by “bumped between versions” but I dare to say Web Browser Module is not the problem, because from 7.9.4 the projects do work.

Also - does it matter whether the project uses web browser or not? Because that one I tried to launch does not use Web Browser Module.

Thank you for your effort

The version of the JxBrowser library used by Ignition 7.9.4 and 7.9.10 is different. That’s why it works on one Ignition version but not the other. Having a web browser component on a screen is not necessary to make the issue happen - as long as the module is installed, the browser component will attempt to load in the client, then fail with the error you’re seeing.

Your two options are to uninstall the web browser module (if you’re not actually using it, this will obviously be the easiest), or downgrade just the web browser module to the earlier platform version.

It doesn’t matter if the project uses it, just that it’s installed at all.

Rolling back isn’t the only solution, later versions of 7.9 fixed the issue and the component just won’t work instead of the whole client or designer failing to launch.


We had a similar issue, and it related to the legacy launcher not being included for version 7.9.10 for Linux.

Below is the response I received from InductiveAutomation support when I was facing the issue:

- On the gateway machine, go to ‘Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/lib/core/launch’, open the legacyclientlauncher.tag.gz archive, open legacyclientlauncher.tar, and copy the file
- Then, go to ‘Program Files/Inductive Automation/Ignition/webserver/webapps/main’ and create a folder called ‘launcher’ (or whatever you want the folder to be called); paste the in this directory
- Lastly, on each rpi, if you go to this address in the browser, then the browser will download the file: http://</YOUR GATEWAY IP/>:8088/main/launcher/

Once the file is on a rpi, you can decide what directory you want to store this file in (after the client desktop shortcuts are generated, you do not want to delete or move this file). Then, in terminal, you can navigate to the directory where the file is stored and then run this command: ./ . Once the client launcher is open, you can point it at your gateway and launch any of the projects. As you are aware, when a project is launched, it will generate the desktop shortcut.

As Kevin.Herron stated though, I believe that versions 7.9.11 and higher included the legacy launcher again. Hope this is helpful!

You would think I would remember that, being the one who added it :man_facepalming:

Hello superman, that unfortunately didn’t work for me, mostly due to the some additional troubleshooting was needed (e.g. adjust paths in the sh file accordingly). I didn’t want to spend additional time troubleshooting so I have tried the “downgrade module path” - it worked. Thank you anyway for the effort!

Hello Kevin, Paul,

gosh, you guys rock!!! It worked. I went from 3.9.0 module to 2.8.0 - while the functionality of applications leveraging WebBrowser module is still kept intact (apps using web browser module work), the apps on gateway 7.9.10. started to run on RaspberryPI. Problem solved!

Thank you very much for your effort and valuable help.

Take care,

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