Linux best practices

I’ve been deploying Ignition on linux for 3 years now, and I’m wondering how many others are out there? Is linux an important segment of the Ignition market? I’m not looking for specifics, but curious if I’m a ‘thought leader’ or just tilting at windmills.

Also, what distros are getting deployed? I’ve been deploying Ubuntu because its easy.

We deploy to Ubuntu Server 14.04 when we have the option to choose the OS. Been deploying since FactoryPMI to Linux.

Linux server here.
Windows clients though.

FWIW, when we do our Linux testing QA usually uses Ubuntu Server 14.04. When I’m handling a Linux issue, I usually test on some flavor of Linux Mint, which is an Ubuntu offshoot. (I also use Mint to test most localization issues because it’s much easier to set up a Linux VM in a particular locale than setting up a Windows VM). So Ubuntu Server and Linux Mint will be the distros that have been tested the most with Ignition.

Been using Ignition on Ubuntu here since around 2011. All of my gateways and clients so far are Linux. I’ve used some of the more powerful HP thin clients (which are actually Ubuntu OS) as clients with generally good success. Have some with single license (combo gw + client) touchscreens.

I’m working on a project now that will be a combination of Linux and Windows clients only because some of the clients will be corporate workstations.