Linux client randomly resizes

I’ve been setting up a few clients running full-screen on Ubuntu 18.04 and Raspbian, and both of them exhibit this odd behavior where at a random time (sometimes within minutes of opening the client, sometimes longer) the window resizes, leaving a relatively small transparent empty space at the bottom of the screen, where you can see the desktop background. Closing and opening the client is so far the only way I’ve found that eliminates it, until it happens again.

Has anyone experienced this and/or knows a solution?

Edit: This is on 7.9.10

I have the same issue. Please see attached picture.

This is an issue with the underlying OS and how it reports the bounds of the available screen size. I know there are some devs actively working on this in the openJDK project to make this better, but unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done to handle it any better until their changes go in.

As far as it randomly resizing, is there anything that seems to cause it? the display sleeping and waking (or the PC) or anything like that? Or while you are looking at it without doing anything the vision client resizes?

Also, is this using the Native Client Launcher for 7.9 with the bundled runtime or JNLP?