Linux command line script to auto start Ignition Edge project

Trying to auto start the Edge project on boot up from LUbuntu, Edge server and client both are able to start by manual from desktop and command line but want to know how to make the script to start up the project upon boot up of the computer, any suggestion will be appreciated.

Have you looked in /etc/init.d? If Ignition doesn’t have a service script in there I would build one, it’s pretty straightforward

Dig around in the man pages for service and init and here’s a sample service script

be sure to set the permissions on your new script so it’s executable

I work with Wainam, and the problem is not starting the gateway.
the problem is getting the client to start. Until this project we have been using 7.9.13 and could take the desktop icon the system created, and pull out the command and run it in a script. This almost works with 8.1 edge, but we get this error:
Launch Error
Specified Vision Client nolonger exists