Linux install location of ignition.conf

I was bumping a VM from the April 1 beta to the release candidate using my scripts for the ZIP installers and couldn’t get the service to start. I banged my head on my own scripts a bit, then discovered that line 51 of was changed from:




Not only does this break my scripts, it will break for anyone trying to run multiple Ignition instances in the same machine. Please revert.

In the 8.0.0 release zip I downloaded that line is still WRAPPER_CONF="data/ignition.conf"

Huh. The rc1 I have is as shown, with timestamp of in the zip of 4/119 @ 11:53pm. I’ll download again.

Edit: I didn’t notice the 8.0.0 release this morning… (-:

Yeah I guess it was broken in the RC.