Linux installer issue

I have a VM with ubuntu installed on it that I use as an Ignition server for development and testing. When I set it up, I installed v8.0.10. I ma trying to upgrade it now to v8.1.10. When I download the linux installer, it is not being recognized as an executable file. The properties show it as Type: shell script. I tried changing the permissions to “Allow executing file as a program” but I still am unable to Run it.

I’d try running it from the terminal once executable permissions are set… Take a look at this video for some guidance, I hope it gets you going: Installing Ignition on Linux - Installing and Upgrading Ignition

When you proceed with the installation, it should prompt you for the upgrade after the location selection (you’ll need to specify the same installation path that your original installation used, in the event you changed it from default):

When trying to run it from the Terminal, I get “No such file or directory”. It works fine when I try the 8.0.10 installer, but not the 8.1.10 installer. Other than the version, the file names are identical. The icons assigned to both are different when looking in the gui:


Never mind- I am an idiot. I just realized that the new file starts with a lowercase ‘i’ and the old file starts with an uppercase.

No worries, it is why I live and die by the tab key–it really helps with ensuring that you’ve got the path right.

Fun with Tabs

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