Linux Uninstall

How do you uninstall Ignition on Linux (raspberry pi device)?
I installed it but it says it needs to commissioning but I can’t access the commissioning page.
I keep trying to remove everything and restart.
Also, I have ran ./ remove and installed again, and still the same thing.

So now I want to uninstall all of it and try again.
How do you uninstall it?

If you’ve run ./ stop and ./ remove then all you need to do is just delete whatever folder you unzipped into. There’s no installers for ARM, just the zip distributions, so all the relevant files are wherever you unzipped them.

The response from the remove command is “The Ignition-Gateway daemon is not currently installed.”

Great, you’re done, just delete all the files then.

Thank you, I got it working.
Now trying to do an upgrade and I through the entire process.
Now when I try to start Ignition again using “sudo ./ start”, sudo: ./ command not found

The whole process of upgrade went fine but now it won’t start.

Sounds like you missed the step where you do:

chmod +x ignition-gateway

In the readme file, all it has is “sudo chmod -x *.sh”
I’ll give it a try with the “ignition-gateway” on the end.

That was it.

Now the start command is working but it went from a maker edition to a regular server edition of Ignition instead of staying as a maker edition.