Linux Upgrade on Free Trial

Is there any documentation on upgrading Ignition on Linux Ubuntu servers?

Hi @jacob.ramirez,

Yes, it can be found on our docs site

Hope that helps,
Jonathan C

Thank you, I was in the process of modifying this. I got the install to work and was working on doing an upgrade. Since I haven’t got my Ignition license yet I’m doing this on the free trial. The upgrade fails at the ‘wrapper-license.conf’ part.

It wont’ upgrade because its still in free trial mode?

What do you mean here? Are you running the installer to perform the upgrade? That file shouldn’t be modified and won’t tie into the Ignition license at all. Do you have any more information about the error you are getting? is it in the Installer? or the console/wrapper.log when attempting to start the gateway?

Please see below:

Ok, can you upload the entire install.log file? or DM it to me if you want. That doesn’t give me the source of the issue.

Not sure if this shows what you’re looking for but I’m having a hard time getting this file downloaded from the server via the command line.

Out of disk space?