List box questions

I was wondering, I know it use to be the case where if you have a certain item on your pallet in FPMI that if you pressed a letter of the alphabet that item would goto the alphabatized portion of itself.

Example: And I dont know if it was the list item. But lets say it was the list item. You have several items shown but some are off screen. Lets say these items are like you mention in your help files as: Apples, Bananas, Coconuts,Figs, Grapes, Lemons, Melons, Nectarines, etc. You have the box set so that it only displays 4 lines at a time but you have more than that in your dataset. So lets say the first 4 are shown on the screen and on the key board you press N, now the box would fast forward without having to scroll down to Nectarines. Hope this makes sence.

Anyway I thought it was the List item from the pallet but it does not seem to work. I have a list of employee names sorted by last name then first name. I press any key on the key board and it does nothing. Has this feature been taken out?

I think this has also been asked but thought I would refresh it. In the drop down list can this same, Hit a Key and be taken to that group, be implimented?

Thanks and have a great day.

That works for me in the List component…

Yeah I found out the problem. The view that I was pulling up already had the name in first name, last name and was ordered and although I did an order by in the query it must be somewhat different. Because once I pulled the information seperately from one datasource and joined it then did an order by then the pressing letter portion of the list box performed as it should.

Now for the new question on List boxes. I have the data. I can select the data and I see the selected index move accordingly. I know that I have to use the dataset that I have configured in the list box and use the offset (selected index). With that I should be able to pull up the highlighted name in a text entry box. The only thing is how.

I tried:
event. … “List Box”.data(value)
But this did not work. I think I am close.

Thanks and have a great day.


Check out the data.getValueAt() function for any component with a data set. That should get you the data you want. Something like:list = event.source.parent.getComponent('List') selrow = list.selectedRow first_name =, 0)
where selRow is the selected row, and 0 is the column index. In tables, you can use a column name interchangeably with the column index. There are a few examples in the help files under the table and list components.

Those links are to the FactoryPMI gateway help files. Here are the online pages.
Table Page
List Page