List Component Background Color

I’m seeing something strange. I added a list component, set the border to ‘No Border’, and the background color to the same color as the parent. But, no matter what I do, the list box switches to white as soon as I save the project. The actual background color property value doesn’t change after saving.

If I use any other color besides the background color of the parent component, it doesn’t switch to white. I’ve also tried different borders and turned opacity off, but I still get a white background. Can you duplicate this? Is there a work around?

Ah, good catch. This is a slight serialization goof - the problem is that serialization only stores fields that have changed from their default. You’ll notice that if you drop a list down, its background color (in the property editor) looks like it is set to the default container background color, even though it is clearly white. We can get this fixed. In the meantime, an easy workaround is to use a color that is imperceptibly different, like: 237,236,232,255