List of components with security

I’m pretty sure I know the answer, just hoping I’m wrong, is there anyway to search for components using security roles? A customer wants a list, I know I can open each window and look, was hoping to be lazy on this one.

A secondary question, what is best practice for using security so it’s easy for the operator to know what “level” is required? I was thinking about maybe an overlay or tooltip that showed the required role. Just curious what others do.

Using vision by the way.

Did not realize that I could search (Find/Replace) for each role. This will work.

But, would still like to hear from others on how they “define” the required role for a component, whether it be a button, dropdown, etc.

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I don’t tend to use the security tab to provide security to my components, as you can’t control how they display. I use bindings on the enabled properties set to hasRole('x').
I usually also display an icon on the component that identifies that the component is disabled due to user privilege with a tooltip.

Hey thanks for the tips. Much appreciated.

I started looking into this tonight. What I liked about using security is I could easily set security on a container. How would you use hasRole(‘x’) on a container, since the enable property doesn’t exist or isn’t exposed?

You can’t, you would need to use security if you want to disable a whole container.

Thanks Nick, I took your advice and made an icon to display the component is locked out and what level is required, by mouseover and single letter. I will still use security though, too easy and pros out-weigh cons.

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