List of strings where tag values are in the strings

I was curious if someone had any experience with lots of strings that have different tags in them so that you have for example a string: "Temp" and after that a tag: "Temp" with a value of 22 degrees for example so that the label can show Temp: 22 degrees.
In Siemens, they have Text Lists where there is a column that has a value attached to a certain text, and in the text, you can add a tag value.
Is there someone that knows a way to do that in Ignition? I have already tried to sort of make text lists in Ignition and that already worked. It looks like this:

I have done this by Importing a csv file into a vision client tag that has a dataset with these texts in it. But as you can see in string with value 2 there is "Setpunt is" and I want a tag value after that.

No, this is not an Ignition feature. You can get close to that with expression bindings.

Okay good to know. I will try it with expression then.
Thanks for your answer