List properties

The user manual describes this list property as:

Selection Mode
This mode determines if only one cell can be selected at once, or single or multiple intervals

Scripting name selectionMode
Data type int
Values 0 Single
1 Single Interval
2 Multiple Interval

Could you please describe the difference between these three modes (specifically single and single)?

When the selection mode is “Single Interval”, you may click on one item, then shift-click on another, highlighting all items from the first to the second, inclusive. Only one contiguous section is allowed.
When the selection mode is “Multiple Interval”, you may also control-click and control-shift click to randomly select (and de-select) any items.
When the selection mode is “Single”, only one item may be selected at a time.
The “selectedIndex” property will show the index of the first item selected, however many may be selected. To identify the rest of an interval, use the getSelectedIndices() or getSelectedValues() methods of the component.