Listen to ActiveX Event


I’ve an activeX component to manage magnetic badge reader and need to wait for an event…How can I listen to an event in a custom ActiveX ? I can access properties (get or setProperty and functions (invokeFunction) but not to event.

Thank you for your help or direction.

Are you wanting to trigger an event on an audio component being triggered within Ignition? :scratch:


No. We have to replace an old system (WIN2000) that is controlling a weigh bridge ; this is done with an ActiveX connected to the bridge via RS232. We must keep the ActiveX but integrate it in Ignition.
Let me give you an example or two.

  1. a truck is coming and the driver inserts is badge onto the reader. This is an event that is throw to the ActiveX and that we have to listen to
  2. we need to tare the scale, so we have to invoke a function with parameters and wait for an answer with resulting parameters.

Hope this is more understandable :wink:

You can’t listen to events with the ActiveX module. It is hard to wrap ActiveX in Java so we miss somethings. You can run a timer script that checks a property or invokes a function until the event occurs.

Why not use the serial module and communicate directly with the bridge and bypass the activeX. We have been using the module and have found it very effective for driving scale indicators from various manufacturers.

Sorry for the delay…didn’t receive (or see) the notification.
We have investigated this but as the protocol is not documented, we would have to monitor the serial port to capture data and analyze ; the result should work but it is time consuming…
We have made the request to change this toa newer version with web services. Should be easier and more fun for us :wink:

Wait and see.