Live Ignition Data to Excel

I have a situation where a user needs certain live tag information but cannot install java or just about anything else on his desktop. Excel is the only thing that I have been able to install. Is there a way to get the data shown below into Excel? If there is another method to get the data out in real time or near real time.

Since those tags are query tags, Iā€™m assuming you could make him a spreadsheet that links to the same DB Tables?


I can try that and see if that will work. Thanks for the suggestion!


Perhaps you can use my newly released module for Ignition New module - RWS - Restful Web Services , from PRAMANJ Technologies to display selected data in an HTML page or an embedded EXCEL component in browser or import data in an EXCEL sheet from an HTML table.

Please let me know your requirements I can think of a solution for you.