Loading app scripts on a client

Hi. We’re currently investigating some scripting errors that are occurring with clients on slow connections.

We have quite a large collection of app scripts and some imports pull in quite a lot of code at once. I was hoping that someone could clarify how Ignition clients load the app scripts.

In the SDK, app is a single resource so from this I would believe that clients should download the entire app repository in one go and then load them on-demand from there. However, one of the issues seems to be that running a large script fails for whatever unknown reason, but then in the exception catch the client also fails to import our error handler function. This does seem a bit strange.

Is app transferred all at once or on a per-file basis?


It is transferred all at once as you suspected, so I don’t think connection speed could come into play. It sounds like these clients may be running out of memory, maybe Perm-gen space. Can you disable your error handler and see if an error like that bubbles up?