Loading Label/Bar

I have a table with a dataset that takes a while to build. There's not a great way to make the dataset load faster so I want to at least inform the user that it's loading. I created a 'Loading' label to appear at the beginning of the load and then wanted to disable its display once the table loads. That doesn't seem to work though. Has anyone tried this before? Any suggestions/alternatives?

How is the dataset being built? If it's in some script, can you create a custom property in whatever view you're showing, set it to false at the end of the script script, and then bind the visibility of a "Loading" overlay to it?

As in it takes a while to get the data back from the data source? Or as in the data is retrieved quickly but the aggregations take a while?

If it's the later, perhaps show your code and we might be able to help optimize it.

As for the real point of the question, perhaps take a look at this:

Yeah, it's built through scripting. I have it setting the 'Loading' label's display property to True at the beginning of the script and False at the end. It doesn't ever seem to do the second part of turning off the label

It's grabbing a couple thousand tag paths and doing lookups on each of them so it takes a really long time. I worked with an Inductive tech on it and he didn't see a way to speed up the process so I'm waving the white flag on that part of things.
The loading icon is definitely cool but I'm still stuck on how to set the loading condition. What can you hook into to show the current loading state of the dataset?

Sounds like either the script isn't finishing or there's some issue with the syntax. Can you prove that the script is finishing with no errors by trying to do something else?

Doesn't look like it. Nothing shows up in logs and nothing's flagged in the script editor for the transform

Scratch that. Forgot to flip the last line to False :person_facepalming:
Thanks, everyone.

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