Loading transaction groups

I would like a scriptable way to load transaction groups into a gateway. This would allow me to create group XML files in my application and then tell the gateway “here are some new groups”

All of a sudden we’re getting a lot more requests for scriptability for design changes, automated status checking, backups, etc for the Gateway. Maybe we should implement a webservice API for the Gateway or something to accommodate more advanced users such as yourself.

Carl - Perhaps this has to do with our new Linux SCADA users. Any comments from our new active members?

I would like the ability for a machine to join a cluster just by using the username, password, and hostname, without being predefined. That way, we can use automatically scale in cloud environments.

In my case it’s not so much a Linux users thing. It’s more of a “What do I need to seamlessly embed this into my product” thing.

Yeah, I’m not sure if there is a correlation between linux and these sorts of requests. Perhaps.

I think that we’re just getting a lot of exposure recently, and are attracting some more sophisticated users that have complex environments, and like any sane person, seek to mitigate the complexity with automation and remote management.

I categorically deny any sanity on my my part, but my needs/wants are growing as I get more involved in upcoming projects.

[quote=“Robert”]It’s more of a “What do I need to seamlessly embed this into my product” thing.[/quote]Co-sign … I’m on board with the OP’s idea.