Local server and central server project updating

Is there a way to automatically update projects on the central server running EAM when a change is made to a project on the local server.

I’m currently testing using hub and spoke architecture with a central gateway and a local gateway. To shift the remote client connections to the central gateway instead of connecting though our network out to the local site directly.

What I’ve been able to do, using the EAM module on the central gateway, I can send the project from the local to the central and have the clients connect and it runs properly. But this is using the agent task and manually hitting the run now button to get the project whenever there is a change. Our sites get changed somewhat regularly, not always major changes but things added, changed here or there, big fixes plus some sites more often than others.

I know i can schedule the task to run periodically but for it to be effective it seems like i would want to have every server scheduled to send the project every day. Which on some days would be needed but some servers might not see a change for months on end. It just seems unnecessary.

Is there an automated option or even a different way of doing this altogether? This is the first time attempting to set up this type of architecture so i could be doing this wrong.

This is one of the most requested EAM features: the means to automatically push a project to other servers when it has been updated. All I can say right now is that it’s on our radar.

Thanks for the response mgross,

Is there a thread or request I can follow to keep up to date as to when/if this does get implemented?

Your best bet for following requested features is here: https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/ignition-features-and-ideas