Local Tags within AOI's

I’m working with add on instructions that have local tags I need for display on an Ignition screen.

For a particular add on instruction, I’ve got a local tag that OPC-UA server can read with good quality. But another local tag is shown in the OPC-UA quick client but has a bad quality. Additionally, an instance of an alarm AOI within another AOI shows all bad quality for the tags. The path is seen below. where “test_fault” is a local AOI tag instance within Conveyor_PF527 which is another AOI.

[Ignition OPC-UA Server]ns=1;s=[line_control_L83E]Conveyor_PF527.testFault.cfgAlmDescription

Is there a limitation in the OPC-UA server with pointing to local tags within AOIs as well as nested AOIs and local tags?

Ignition 7.9.1
Java 1.8.0_121 b-13
Logix v28
Windows 7

In Logix Studio, the “External Access” column is hidden by default when looking at AOIs. If you right-click and show it, do the local tags you want have their external access set to something other than “None”?

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I’m embarrassed I missed that, but thank you Kevin for the fix.