Locale selection at login screen


I would like an:

“Hide locale selector” checkbox at project -> properties -> client -> login

instead of the current

“Allways show locale selector”


If I have locale selection based on user, I change locale in script by using:

system.util.setLocale() and system.user.getUser()

I think it is misleading for a client to have a choice of N locales on the login screen and then be switched to his/her default locale (or a fixed locale).

On the other hand, it is impractical to allways force a client to choose his/her locale at login screen if it’s not English.

A simple option of “Hide locale selector” with the selector shown as default would cover all situations.


Yes, this shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s too late for 7.7.1, so we’ll try to get it in for the next update. There are a few other improvements we’d like to make as well, such as having it start in “Auto” mode that would do the user based look up for you, and then fall back to the default on the machine. Still, the ability to hide it would be fine as an option.


We’ve added the ability to hide the Locale Selector for 7.7.3-rc1, which should be out around the first of the year. In the Designer, go to Project > Properties > Client > Login.

Just a note for others who wander into this thread, the default Locale that will appear in the Locale Selector (in the client login screen) is what the JVM reports as the default. When Java is first installed, it queries the OS and sets that as the default. If you later change the Locale in the OS, Java doesn’t seem to update the default unless you completely uninstall Java and then install Java from scratch.