Localhost refused to connect

Hi, I installed Ignition 8.0.4 in my laptop. Just after installation it takes me to localhost:8088 in my web browser and it opens without any issue. But later after I turn on my laptop When I again try to open localhost:8088 in web browser it does not open. It gives message ‘localhost refused to connect.’ I reinstall the software and changed the port number to 8090 but still I get the same issue. Please help. Thanks in advance.

That means the service isn’t starting at boot-up. There’s a variety of reasons why that might be so, depending on which operating system you are using. More information is likely in your OS logs.

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I notice that this happens if you are still under Trial Version.
You can try by manually starting the gateway either through Services or using “start-ignition.bat”


Thanks. I was having same problem and this works :+1: