Localization in alarm component/tables

Hey y’all,

I’m currently working on translating a Perspective project. In general I’m being successful, but I’ve encountered 2 cases which I’m not sure how to address.

  1. Translating table headers.- I find it logical to a degree that this is the case, considering the use of named queries. I thought however, that explicitly defining the columns on the table properties would fix this, and it doesn’t. I managed to fix this by putting an expression in the Header text property of the columns that checks the locale and changes the text based on that. This works, but is tedious, any other alternatives?

  2. In the new alarm component in perspective, is it at all possible to change the language of the headers? I tried adding the header text to the translation dictionary but it didn’t work. Am I missing something or is this not possible at all?

Any ideas?

The alarm status table (and the table in general) don’t currently perform the additional localization step that other components do. This is something we’re aware of, and plan to fix, but haven’t yet done so - so, for now, doing it manually is all you can do.


Hi, bumping an old topic.

Is there any update on translating alarm components? How it could be done manually?