I tried to set locale manually in ignition.conf to “sl_SI”. When restarting I got this warning:

STATUS | wrapper | Failed to load language pack for sl_SI from …/lang.

I could not find any info about language packs anywhere on the forum, docs, …

Is this the language pack shipped with java for translating UI? Or is it Ignition specific?

Apart from setting the locale for the gateway wrapper is there any way to have the default language for a specific user set to a different value then the gateway locale?

Is there a way to not display the language selector combobox at the login dialog? This way we could set the locale in code.

What is the Language config option on the gateway config panel under Config/Users,roles/manage users/… used for anyway? It has no impact on the selected language on the login dialog, right?

Am I missing something?

Testing: Ignition 7.7

Some clarifications around this topic would be greatly appreciated.

If you did this in the Wrapper Localization section of ignition.conf, that’s to configure the Java Service Wrapper, not Ignition. Tanuki’s website says they only have English and Japanese at the current time.

I don’t think changing the locale for the Ignition gateway JVM is really what you want, but if you did need to do it, go to the # Java Additional Parameters section and add it there.

wrapper.java.additional.8=-Duser.country=SI wrapper.java.additional.9=-Duser.language=sl But I think you’ll be disappointed in the results. :slight_smile:

The Language Selector combo-box on login is fairly automatic. If you really need to make it go away, I’d suggest making a feature request. Whether the selector is there or not, you can set the locale through system.util.setLocale(). You can get the language property from the User object (returned by system.user.getUser()) for setting the locale. That language property can’t impact the login screen, since no user is logged in yet.


I know about the 3 ways to choose the language, I just tought it was misleading for a user to have a choice at the login screen and then force another language programmaticaly based on the configured logged user’s language.

I think the right way woud be to either have a default language switch on the app launcher or an option to hide the language selection combobox in the config.

I asked because I am a begginer (1 week) user and tought I was missing something.

Thank you for your response.