Locating transaction group closed due to inactivity

I tend to see

in our console quite frequently. is there anyway to identify where in a project this is happening?

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There isn’t a great way to identify that one, but you can search through your projects for the matching system.db.execSProcCall() and see which one isn’t being closed. Just go to the menubar in the Designer and to Edit -> Find/Replace.

Here is a line from the console. Where do I find " the matching system.db.execSProcCall()" that i would use with find/replace tool?

It might actually be a case where you’re using system.db.beginTransaction() and commitTransaction but forgetting to call the closeTransaction() call at the end. What you can do is use the search/replace feature of Ignition and just search for “commitTransaction” and then search through the returned script results to see if any of those calls aren’t followed by a closeTransaction() call. If you find one then add that call in there and you should be good. If you aren’t using the Transaction feature anywhere then something else is causing these messages.

What version of Ignition are you running?

Is there a way to tell which project is generating these errors? We have a lot of projects with a lot of screens and a lot of transactions, so any way to narrow the search would be helpful.

Thank you!