Lock table cell from text entry when using translation list?

I have a table cell using a translation list. I’m able to enter any random text I want instead of being restricted to the choices in the drop down list. When I try to commit the random text an exception occurs “ClassCastException: Error trying to coerce ‘asdfasdf’ [String] to a class java.lang.Integer”

Is there any way to lock the cell to only allow selection from the drop down translation list? The table customizer acts exactly the way I would prefer with the Horiz Align, Vert Align, and Hdr Horiz Align rows.

In addition the table is not remembering my column width selections. I enter preview mode, adjust the column, exit preview mode, and save the window. After I close and open it again it is back to the original size. The width column in the table’s Column Attributes Data property is not editable, either.

There is no way right now to lock the editing of a cell down to just the options in the dropdown list. I can add a ticket in out system for that.

You can save the columns widths by doing the following:

  1. Enter preview mode
  2. Adjusts widths
  3. Leave preview mode
  4. Go into Table Customizer
  5. Press OK

Widths will be saved forever and you will see them in the column attributes dataset.

Ah ok, I wasn’t entering the table customizer after preview mode. Being able to lock the selection would be a great feature. Thanks for the info.