Locked out my navigation buttons

When I was working in the designer I went to my navigation screen and all the buttons were whited out. I accidently saved and know I am unable to link to the screens. I can not remember the sequence to fix this.

The buttons were “whited out”? What does this mean? Maybe we should see this over GoToMeeting.

It sounds like you were using security in the designer and went into runtime mode (F5) without whatever permissions you set. Security “disables” components by setting their enabled property to false. Saving the window after that operation would preserve the components in that state.

  1. Select all your buttons in the window. The easy way is to select one button, then go to edit->select same type in window (cntl+alt+shift+A).
  2. Change the enabled property to true.
  3. Ensure that your security settings on the buttons make sense.

That did it, thanks.