Log Error: Could not find project 'null'. Verify url is correct and project is published

We get Routes Log Errors. See below example:

Routes 22Mar2022 09:43:59 Could not find project ‘null’. Verify url is correct and project is published.

We cannot figure out which project this is for. When opening magnifying glass for log properties we only see route-group perspective and route-path/client project_name

Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

Same issue here.
Would be interested if someone knows how to troubleshoot this.

Are you using e.g. system.perspective.navigate anywhere and inadvertently passing a null as the value of the project to navigate to?

This is logged by an incoming HTTP request, so there's not really much more context to offer for troubleshooting. You could installer Wireshark and look for requests to system/perspective/client/, perhaps.

We can specify a project in system.perspective.navigate ?
In our differents calls to navigate, we only specify the view or page we want to go, never the project.
That's one of the weird thing : it does not event say from which project the error is coming

This error is not spamming the logs so we are okay with it.
I was just wondering if someone found a way to troubleshoot it so that we could resolve it quickly.
A wireshark might be a way to pinpoint a bit more. We might give it a go.

Well, something is trying to launch a Perspective session, but providing null (apparently) as the literal name. My guess is that it might be an erroneous binding or a bad link somewhere, but it's hard to say.

It's worth noting here that scripting attempts which do anything like this:

# where self.custom.something_null resolves to null
# Instances WITHOUT the string casting would encounter a script error due to type mismatch
system.perspective.navigate(url=self.session.props.gateway.address + "/data/perspective/client/" + str(self.custom.something_null))

will actually report as Could not find project 'None'. Verify url is correct and project is published. because the casting of the null value becomes "None".

And the following results in a script error without completing the navigation:

# where self.custom.missing_prop does not exist
system.perspective.navigate(url=self.session.props.gateway.address + "/data/perspective/client/" + self.custom.missing_prop)

Which limits the offenders to references which could actually return a string value of "null":

# where self.custom.str_null resolves to "null"
system.perspective.navigate(url=self.session.props.gateway.address + "/data/perspective/client/" + self.custom.str_null)
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We are getting the same error in our gateway logs for a project that I'm working on. We are not using system.perspective.navigate anywhere in the project. We are making http calls, and the error message seems to appear shortly after we make a call. Our http calls are returning data from out ERP. We're not trying to navigate to a different projects.