Log file viewer

I’ve been building some scripts in the gateway, but you have to dig into the wrapper.log file to see the output of any ‘print’ statements. Opening and closing the log file gets very annoying so I built a simple log viewer that will auto scroll through a file as new items are added.

I present the amazingly simple Log Scroller:
Log Scroller


i can recommend baretail (http://www.baremetalsoft.com/baretail/ for this purpose. The exe is quite small and requires no installation. The free version supports custom highlighting, and it is really fast, even with big logs.

I use WinTail, but I’ve never gotten into any of the extra features. It automatically scrolls to the bottom of the file every time it updates. It’s a nice way to view the wrapper.

Why use a copy when you can use the original :wink:

Any Posix-compliant operating system (Linux, OSX etc.) will have a version of tail.

Simply runtail -f -n 20 filenameto follow the last 20 lines of the log file in a terminal window.