Log Ignition alarms to a syslog server

How do I implement TanukiSoftware’s wrapper to log Ignition alarms to a syslog server?

I need to connect my ignition gateway to a Syslog server. For this purpose I was suggested to use Tanuki Software’s Java Wrapper (Java Service Wrapper - Logging Configuration Properties) but I don’t know exactly how to proceed.
Do I have to modify the “ignition.conf” file stored in the installation file? And precisely what do I have to modify? Or do I have to do anything else?
My main goal is to send alarm-activation notifications to that syslog server. Is there any configuration apart from the syslog server connection that I have to handle in order to achieve this?
Thanks in advance! :grin:

You would have to modify ignition.conf, but I don’t think this is going to accomplish what you’re after.

At best all you’re going to do is log everything that goes to wrapper.log to syslog as well.

There is no alarm notification mechanism that specifically targets a syslog server.