Log Message after deleting unused realtime tag browser

Hi everyone,

we had a tag browser in our system that historized some values. These values weren't used anywhere, so I deleted the whole tag browser. Now I am getting these message several thousand times a day:

What am I looking for? How can nonexistent tags still receive values?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like your OPC DA server didn't remove the subscription items. Probably a bug in that server. Consider restarting it, or restarting Ignition's connection to it.

I restarted the Ignition Server. Now I am getting the following message:

You still have some tags pointing at that OPC connection.

The OPC Server was alive for 6 month without restart. We changed one machine connection from DA to UA so the data points didn't exist anymore. In a side test project there were 9 tags still pointing on that data. I deleted the 9 tags and the issue within the logs is gone.

Thanks for pointing me to the right direction @pturmel

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