Log on to multiple clients simultaneously?

I am integrating an Ignition 8.1 Vision project at a small industrial facility where there is one operator on duty at a time. The operator rotates out every 8 hours.

Does anyone know of a way for a user to log into multiple clients simultaneously from one location? In this plant, the operator normally sits in an office environment at a desktop computer where it is very convenient to log in using a keyboard. The operator must also frequently use several local touchscreen clients that are located out on the plant floor. It is quite inconvenient for the operator to log in to each of the touchscreens using the on-screen keyboard.

What would be helpful here is if the operator could log in or log out of the office client, and for this to be automatically replicated on all of the touchscreen clients. This would save the operators time and hassle as they have a lot to do as they move around the plant.

This system has a requirement for all operator actions to be in the audit log so we need to enforce security on all clients. There is also an auto-logout function on user inactivity so there is a fairly frequent need to log in.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

It wouldn’t be terribly secure, but if you made your own login form, you could capture the credentials and broadcast with .sendMessage() to all clients. The subject stations could apply the credentials in the message handler after making sure they apply.