Log out of FactoryPMI configuration now app won’t launch

After working in PMI, I logged out using the log out link on the top of the configuration page. Then when I tried to restart using the configuration page.
IE pops up and I get ‘The page cannot be displayed’ error page.
With ‘Cannot find server or DNS error’ on the bottom of the page.
I tried Monitor FPMI Gateway and nothing happens. When I tried launch I get the same error.

What does it say under status in the “Monitor FPMI Gateway” utility?

Can you verify that the FactoryPMI service is running (control panel->admin tools->services)?

“Monitor FPMI Gateway” doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t work.
The first thing I checked was the service, I stopped it and started it to see if that had an effect, it did not.

Sounds like you may have restricted access to only a certain IP address. What were you changing in the config?

I did not change any setting. I was working in designer. Saved my work and clicked on the X button on the upper right hand corner. That closed the designer. That put me back at the launch page. I clicked on the configuration link. The configuration came open and I did a backup of my project, to take a copy to work with me. Instead of clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of the configuration page, I clicked on the logout link in the upper right hand corner. From that point on, I could not access anything. Every start menu item comes up with the page can’t be found error or in the case of ‘Monitor FPMI Gateway’ start menu item, does nothing.

This is quite odd. You need to get the Monitor FPMI Gateway utility working. There were some versions where this could fail to launch because of missing quotes. This short cut actually runs the “monitor.bat” batch file in your installation directory. Could you open it and verify that there are double-quotes around the first part, starting with the beginning of the line and ending with javaw.exe?

Please call us to get this resolved quickly.