Log4j File Issue For Cyber Attack

Hi Team,

As per our customer “Log4j” file is used by cyber criminals and they can exploit the software flaw and may easily gain access to the server giving them an entry into other parts of corporate network. this vulnerability is affecting not only our client, but users all over the world.

Can you please provide solution for secure application (Log4j File ) from cyber attack.

I’ll refer you to the official answer

Its a non-problem for ignition.

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We are using 8.0.10 in below link includes LTS versions 7.9 and 8.1,Can please confirm
8.0.10 version is safe ?

Inductive Automation has conducted a full audit of Ignition’s direct and transitive dependencies to confirm that log4j is not used or included in any supported or unsupported release of Ignition, and as such it is not vulnerable to the RCE outlined in CVE-2021-44228

What more do you need ?


This is enough and important ,Thank you for quick response.