Logged in Users

I would like to see an easy method of displaying (or using) a list of the currently logged in users.

I know it can be done through scripting and PyDataSet tables, but an easy method of accessing this data would be nice.


Try using system.util.getSessionInfo(). It returns a PyDataSet holding information about all of the sessions (logged-in users) on the Gateway. Check it out in the python appendix in the user manual for more info.

This is what I ended up doing. I wa just hoping for a “cleaner” way of doing it. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply…

Assuming cleaner = no Python code, I’ve got a question …

Is there a way to create, bundle and distribute custom controls? For example, I could create a control that performed just as adamabelew desires that he could import into his project and slap onto a screen, no further configuration necessary …

If it’s a known and documented feature, I apologize … I’ve got little to no experience with the Vision Module … at least not yet!

Custom palettes could be used to create and share composite components. You could create a table with the proper scripting, create a custom palette, capture it, and then save it to a file that you could then upload.

To get started, right click on the palette tabs and select “new custom palette”.