Logger for opcua server exposed tag features

for the exposed tag feature of ignition in 7.8.2, can we activate some logger to have some diagnostics about connections and subscription of external opcua client ? I need to troubleshoot an interface between ignition opcua server and a third party opcua client from a subcontractor.

Could you be more specific about what you need to troubleshoot?

It’s usually easier to troubleshoot this kind of thing with Wireshark.

The opcua client subscribe for lots of ignition tag values changes. It seems from its side, some values changes are lost.
I need to demonstrate that every thing is ok from ignition opcua server point of view. Opcua client is programmed by another compagny. This client is based on prosys java opc sdk.

Is this 3rd party client the only client connected, or is there a connection from Ignition and/or others as well?

This is a redundant gateway. There is an ignition opcua client connection on the other ignition gateway opcua server for few tag.
The third party opc ua client is the main tag subscruiption and read and write consumer

How are you determining that the 3rd party client is missing updates? What reference do you have to compare it against?

With my ignition hmi and the hmi of the system connected to my gateway thru this opcua client.
Change of plc value are ok on ignition hmi and not on the other one.
That’s why I need to check if tag’s value changes are well pushed to the third party opcua client…

You can turn “OPC-UA.ConfiguredTagProvider.SubscribedNode” to TRACE and see value changes for anything that is subscribed to.

That’s about it for loggers, you’ll probably need Wireshark for anything else.

hate to jump in but it would be nice to be able to turn off browsing and or be able to setup usernames and choose which tags/folders should be available per username! :prayer:

You can manage Read and Write permission on each tag to avoid opcua client to write tags you dont want to be written.

Nevertheless, you can’t avoid the tags to be exposed…
Will be usefull to have more option to manage for example provider and folder exposed, or a per tag permission based. If the tag has no permission for the opc-ua client, not exposed ?

Another question about exposed tags :
How to get the information an opcua client is connected to the ignition opcua server ?
tags will be perfect, or any java class to retrieve opcua client list ?