Logger in property change script

I have this logger in the two first lines of my property change script:

logger = system.util.getLogger("myLogger")
logger.info("Hello, world.")

The log info should be displayed in the gateway each time the script is triggered but this doesn't happen. I even commented the rest of script out so that just these two lines remain, but still haven't seen anything when I trigger the script. Anything else in the script works.

It might help to tag your question as Vision or Perspective. Also, see Wiki - how to post code on this forum.

Additional information required:

  • Ignition edition and version.
  • On your Status → Diagnostics → Logs, what is your Min. Level setting?
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Min. Level is ALL

Vision logs go to the local vision client log as @Transistor said. If you want those logs to go to the gateway logs, you'll need to create a message handler to do it. Send what you want to a gateway message handler, and log it from there.