Logger output in script console

i want to ask if theres a possibility to have the logoutput in script console?
Or do you have any idea how to do? Some ConsoleAppender? Or redirect?



If you use
print("Your message here")
it will print the message in the script console and the debug console if used in a client session.

hi ryan,

thanks for answer, but i want to know if it is possible to have the logoutput there, this would make it easier to develop function in console without writing "logger.debug(“sefs”) and print “sefs”

you understand? :slight_smile:

Did you look at the diagnostic console while running that script in the script console?

Hi pturmel,

yes i know there is the logoutput, but still would be great it will log there also. If you are on a Laptop with only 1 Monitor it would be much easier. I guess there is no possibility.


But… the Output Console is on the same screen as the Script Console…

I understand it’s not actually printing to the Script Console, but you can still see what it’s doing.

Sorry to resurrect a stale thread…

I swear logging from the script console normally works. This thread seems to agrees with me. But for some reason, right now, if I open a script console and run these two lines, I get no errors and no output:

l = system.util.getLogger("TestLog")
l.error("Log this please")

I’m not seeing any logging output in the gateway webview or looking directly at the wrapper.log file on the sever.

I tried rebooting the Ignition server, but it still doesn’t work.

Is there something obvious I’m missing?

EDIT: Never mind, the answer was up above … it goes to the designer’s console screen instead of the gateway log… Doh!