Logging Data To MySQL on redundant Server

I have a job where I am using 2 servers both with MySQL DB installed on each (1 main and 1 backup with redundancy). I’ve setup the redundancy and when I unplug the main server. the runtime clients switch over and run on the backup server (fantastic). my only issue is I cannot seem to get my transactions / historical logging to log on the MySQL database on the redundant unit, which is causing loss of data. I have wrote and tested MySQL batch files to backup my 2 MySQL databases synchronised with each other. if the main goes down anything logged to the backup gets sync’d to the main before the main overwrites back to the redundant unit. any ideas on how to log to the redundant unit when the main is down?

Solved my own problem. I had to setup the redundancy option on the OPC Connections Servers - Show advanced properties - Redundancy settings. once I specified my Backup endpoint URL and the Failover endpoint. this allowed me to log data to my backup database and then re-sync back once the master came back. the redundancy videos in inductive university doesn’t really go over this section in depth. maybe an additional video should be added showing this setup. unless I missed it, that is a possibility. LOL

I’m struggling with the same problem…
I’m testing in VM two servers with two redundant Ignition gateways with PostgreSQL.
Ignition redundancy works, but transactions/historical logging on the Postgres database on the second (redundant) Ignition gateway doesn’t.
Can you show your setting for OPC Connections Servers - Show advanced properties - Redundancy settings?