Logging out users automatically

Is there a way to log a user out automatically after a preset amount of time?

My issue is that on of the computers used to access the system is in a high traffic public area and people are terrible about logging out. This leaves some of the control screens available to any curious looky loo, which this company has plenty of.

That isn’t currently supported as a feature. I entered into our development system as a feature request last week. I think it’s a good idea.

You do have a few ways of addressing that now:

  1. You can easily write a script that runs every so often that logs the user off due to “inactivity”. What becomes tedious is keeping track of all the events that reset that “inactivity”.

  2. User auditing tracks who does what including logons and logoffs. Train the user to logout (it isn’t hard - you can even set up a single key shortcut) and then maintain accountability with the audit feature.


This isn’t the first time such a feature has been requested. This is fairly high on the request list, I would expect it before the quarter ends.

The way it will work is that you will have the ability to write scripts that will fire after a certain period of keyboard/mouse inactivity. From there you could log the user out, navigate back to a home screen, lock the screen, etc.

Stay tuned,

As an extremely belated followup, this functionality was been in place since FactoryPMI 2.2.0