Logging Security Zone

Is there a logger I can turn on in the log to see what security zone a gateway connection is getting assigned to? Maybe its not matching the server name or something like that. in the past I just keep removing/adding and changing settings until it starts letting me write.

Again, I am running into not being able to write to a tag after setting up a new security zone and setting a Service Security to allow edit and writes to a tag provider.

Try setting Security.SecurityZones and Services.Security to debug.

is my problem because the host name is blank in this statement? why is the host name blank?

in the SecurityZones

No user-defined security zones matched. Falling back to default security zone. Remote machine sent: {ip-address=x.x.x.x, direct-connection=true, is-secure=true, scope=1, gw-name=MyGateway, host-name=}

So I changed the zone to use the gateway name instead of the server name and now it works.

I have another related question though. I have a central gateway A that is making a outgoing gateway connection to gateway B and gateway A is also making a outgoing gateway connection to another gateway C.

For some reason the connection from A to B is not direct, but the connection from A to C is direct. Why would this be? I looked at the gateway connections and they are identical besides the gateway name.